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Do you need a Virtual Assistant?

Have you ever found yourself so busy, so stressed, so many things to do? But you don’t have enough time? What if you could offload your tasks to someone who could get them done quickly, and correctly? This is where a Virtual Assistant comes in!

At Jonajo Consulting, we operate most of our work in a virtual way. We also have assistants who are working virtually. There is a great service called Virtual Assistants Today, which provides virtual assistants in US timezones.

Virtual Assistants A1-CVirtual Assistants Today provide skilled assistants that are trained in-house and then matched to the client depending on the specific needs and tasks to perform. Clients can chose from three different plans that offer a set of hours of assistant work as well as phone call minutes to facilitate communication. People can also try a pay-as-you-go plan if they think this suits them better.

People often think that a virtual assistant cannot perform in the same way as an assistant that works on site. The truth is that communication and almost any type of processes are facilitated by the endless options of tools offered in the market nowadays.  Also, having a virtual assistant should not be perceived as a luxury that only a few, typically business people, are able to have.  Any person that feels like they could use some help getting a few tasks done can try delegating work to an assistant. The services are generally inexpensive and people do not have to commit to a long-term relation with the assistant. This can be a good alternative to hiring an employee since virtual assistants get paid per hour and do not demand benefits that are exclusive to employees.

Wouldn’t it be nice to have more time to do those activities you always put on hold because of lack of time? Isn’t it time to start developing the business idea that you have been eager to implement for your next business venture?  Do what you do best and let the rest be done by a virtual assistant.


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Kristian Widjaja

Kristian Widjaja is the Founder and President of Jonajo Consulting. He has over 20 years of experience in Silicon Valley companies such as Oracle, PayPal, and various startups.

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