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identity theft

According to a publication on Costco Connection, approximately 15 million U.S residents are victims of identity theft each year.  This resulted in a total financial loss of more than $50 billion. Whether you are an expert in technology or an entrepreneur that focuses on other business areas, make sure to use the following tips and keep your information safe:

Prevent identity theft by keeping your information protected.

Hire a professional IT vendor: Lean on an expert that knows about proper security procedure and threat assessment. Prevent future accidents and invest in help from IT experts.

Don’t wait until things break: Keep your IT infrastructure up-to-date, audited and tested for security holes regularly. Schedule tests and updates frequently.

Follow industry compliance and rules to the letter: Avoid getting banned from running credit cards again or paying fees and fines by staying in compliance to the industry’s rules.

Invest in data breach insurance: All major carriers carry data breach insurance. After completing  a risk assessment questionnaire you can be offered a quote. Prices are very reasonable in most cases. Also, in a few years, businesses will be required by law to be protected by said type of insurance.

Finally, move technology to cloud-based services: Don’t become a target by having servers on the premises of your business.  Move information to a cloud to be managed by professionals and cloud providers.

A few examples of top cloud-based products are:

Your information is the power that drives your business to success. Don’t let it be found in a vulnerable place and accessible to other people. Use the many options available for information protection and go to bed without worrying about people stealing what you’ve worked for.


Sources: Identity Theft Prevention and Awareness Month. (2015, December). Costco Connection, 12.

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